terça-feira, julho 25

Enquanto não encontramos A música, ficamos com as palavras

Baby's on fire
Better throw her in the water
Look at her laughing
Like a heifer to the slaughter

Baby's on fire
And all the laughing boys are bitching
Waiting for photos
Oh the plot is so bewitching.

Rescuers row row
Do your best to change the subject
Blow the wind blow blow
Lend some assistance to the object

Photographers snip snap
Take your time she's only burning
This kind of experience
Is necessary for her learning

If you'll be my flotsam
I could be half the man I used to
They said you were hot stuff
And that's what baby's been reduced to.

Juanita and Juan
Very clever with maracas
Making their fortunes
Selling second-hand tobaccos

Juan dances at Chico's
And when the clients are evicted
He empties the ashtrays
And pockets all that he's collected

But baby's on fire!
And all the instruments agree that
Her temperatures rising
But any idiot would know that.

Baby's on fire - Brian Eno


Blogger kice said...

ya ja encontrei milhoes de versoes desta canção mas nenhuma por bodyrockers ou boyzone (como seria de esperar)
andam a enganar-me e eu a ver :P

6:45 da tarde  

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